Megan Louise Shane

Megan is one of the younger artists to come into the Akron art scene showcasing her metal manipulations and imaginations. She began manipulating metal at a very young age while collaborating with her father who is an experienced steel fabricator. “I have the freedom to let my imagination run wild. I’ve never dreamed of a creation that my father couldn’t help me articulate with structural integrity”.

Gallery 15 is honored to have three of Megan’s pieces on display in the outdoor gallery over the next 6 months.

Merkaba Daydreams

3-piece geometric metal sculpture

Megan has created a series of three Merkaba figures echoing in unison the sun and earth as one in a fourth dimension [larger Merkaba pictured]. Rising above the northern end of the rooftop of Gallery 15, her sculptural trio calls the union of the mind, body and heart into harmony.

Morning Glory by Megan Shane

Morning Glory by Megan Shane

Morning Glory

5′ metal filigree sculpture


3′ metal filigree sculpture

These organic, flowing pieces naturally grow in a downward spiraling fashion from the rooftop of Gallery 15 yearning to touch P.R. Miller’s wildflower garden below. Megan has skillfully articulated the tendrils and dappled the filigree with varied tones of bronze with countless touches of her fingertips; creating an elegant and rich texture that blends yet magnifies the beauty of its environs.

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