Michael W. Marras

Michael reiterates, “My work has no agenda; I only have ideas and an addiction to bringing those ideas to reality”. With his roots in animation from Full Sail University, he has transformed his characters into magnificent full scale metal sculptures. His ideas come from a deep intrigue for the many possibilities of life outside our own existence. His art creates intrigue for the viewer as they experience his imagination brought to life.

Gallery 15 is honored to have three of Michael’s pieces on display in the outdoor gallery over the next 6 months.

Flower Tenders

3-D metal sculptures
$5000 (each)

Michael has created a series of three Flower Tender figures which serve as caretakers of P.R. Miller’s outdoor garden comprised of giant flowers and whimsical bugs donning the facade of Gallery 15.

Flower Tender I rests atop the roof with a multitude of vision, encrusted with armor ready to protect the environs below.

Flower Tender II is whimsically nested on a chair within P.R. Miller’s 10′ tall flower at the southern end of Gallery 15. He tends to a miniature flower of his own being while encapsulated by the grandeur of his post.

Flower Tender III stands strong and tall amidst a trio of flowers; reminiscent of a fire protector.

Relevant Exhibitions at Gallery 15

Outdoor Gallery Exhibit 9.7.13 – 3.7.13 – Featured Artist
Sand & Steel Exhibit 3.2.13 – 4.6.13 – Featured Artist

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