Sand & Steel Exhibit (3/2/13 – 4/6/13)

View breathtaking works of Michael Marras & Lisa Demagall at Gallery 15. Closing reception on April 6th at 5:30pm as part of the Akron Artwalk.

  • two floors of display,
  • artists talks,
  • late night music & drinks

Please mark your calendars and join us in a celebration of the remarkable talent of Northeast Ohio.

Visit Facebook event page for up-to-date info and to RSVP.


Metal Sculptures by Michael Marras

Artist Statement: My art process is to create intuitively. The ideas for my work come from a deep intrigue for the many possibilities of life outside of our own existence. For me the unknown is more important than the answer. My ideas are born alongside whatever materials I come across. The materials question what I can create with them and become intertwined with my image of other life existing in unknown places. The art creates intrigue for the viewer as they experience my imagination brought to life. My work has no agenda; I only have ideas and an addiction to bringing those ideas to reality.

Glass Work by Lisa Demagall

Artist Statement: I am interested in the intersection that can occur between objects and their human counterparts. These silent and mutable objects become laced with the complications that life mercilessly brings. The dust lace drawings came about as I struggled to realize a sculpture that is aware of its own vulnerability, aware of its own impending demise. I do not believe that just because something is fragile by nature, that it is meant to be abused, but once the dust drawings are in the world they are on their own. I hope that by utilizing dust as a medium I am able to give the viewer a physical encounter with the work that can provoke an immediate understanding of its vulnerable and fragile nature.

March 2, 2013 – Opening Reception

5pm – Midnight

April 6, 2013 – Closing Reception

5:30pm – 11pm


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